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If you need any help or assistance with accessing Moodle, please email:support@innovationteam.freshdesk.com (48 hour response). 
Moodle and the College's network passwords are linked. Your Moodle password is the same as the password you use to log in to the College computers. If you have recently changed your PC/network password, please make sure that you're using this new password to access Moodle.
We are experiencing a number of log-in issues recently due to the College's IT security system requiring students to change their network/PC password every 60 days. Your network/PC password may have expired and will need resetting at College before you're able to access Moodle.
If you're trying to log in from home or on a personal device and you've told your internet browser to "remember password", it may be remembering an old password.
Moodle is best viewed with Google Chrome, click here to install.